Stellarisverse Through the AgesEdit

Here is a list of the Ages that the factions and races of the Galaxy have been through in order.

List of Races Edit

Humonoid Edit

Human Edit

The Human race is considered highly versatile. They can be chosen to do most any tasks required, making them ideal mercenaries. They are considered one of the best communicators in the galaxy.

Machine Edit

Frame Edit

The Frame is a synthetic consciousness. Not much is known about it, but it is considered highly dangerous to all other races.

Mammalian Edit

Reptilian Edit

Avian Edit

Khessam Edit

The small, avian race, is considered small, and insignificant when first encountered. However, they have what many other races would consider, a lack of moral barriers. Psychologically capable of detaching themselves from an array of emotions, the Khessam are capable of great things, through deception, and an uninhibited drive to get what they want.

Arthropid Edit

Jhabbanid Edit

The Jhabbanid are light, and tender creatures. Although highly social, they are very cautious of other races, however they can usually put on a polite demeanor. They resemble earthling butterflies.

Thrax Edit

The Thrax are large insectoids, with scattered organs and brain stems throughout their bodies. Their distinct ability to survive in extreme conditions are what stands them out from other races.

Vun'Okon Edit

The Vun'Okon grasp highly complex ideas and technologies with great ease compared to many other races, and seem highly unsocial. Their language is very simple, and seems to lack any real emotional expressions, living in other cultures can change this slightly, however.

Molluscoid Edit

Fungoid Edit

Genturric Edit

The Genturric race, or entity, is a mysterious species that is controlled by one consciousness. It is a symbiotic plant life form that can extend its mind into a vast population, however it can split its attention, giving more agency to some colonize to achieve a greater goal. They have no single appearance, as they can envelope most any organics, but can be identified by the dark roots that cover their bodies.

Plantoid Edit

Lorskthandiktch Edit

These giants, known as Ents, Treks, and Pegs, in some other languages, are incredibly strong, and seem to have little fears; biologically incapable of feeling dread. They are highly versatile, capable of getting nourishment from many sources, such as the ground, or via eating from many orifices. Although very enduring in certain environments, they are become very sensitive in others.

List of Factions Edit

The Rang Creed Edit

The hyper resilient race of the Thrax changed it's culture forever when their race used a forgotten technology called Krex Code, allowing countries to hack one anothers nuclear launch codes. This led to the Krex Apocolypes, plunging the Thrax into a green wasteland. The race survived, and pushed itself into the starts, propelled not by the pursuit of science, but faith. Rang became the planets ultra dominant religion, the belief that all living creatures posses the same energy as one another, and that life must be protected. They are led by the High Queen, the greatest living philosopher, with the drive to bring all under the way of Rang, and to prevent another Krex Apocolypes.

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